Profession and Passion


Born in Italy, in the lands of Tuscany, in Siena, Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Siena, specialist in General Surgery, Expert in Angiology, Quadrennial Master in Phlebology, Quadrennial Master in Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-aging Medicine, Termal & Medical SPA Manager

Already at the age of 8 she wrote to her mother, formally formalizing her promise, which the doctor would have done, because this was what she really wanted. Thus began a long and difficult journey of life, never concluded, distinguished by a single purpose, that of helping others and giving all of himself, without compromise, to try to find the means to solve, from the medical point of view, what from time to time he presented himself with passion and dedication.

Never think of having arrived, always taking new paths ... ..with the humility that there is always something to learn

Until today trying to combine passion, medicine with art and honor

Dott. LUIGI BROCCHI A E S T H E T I C S  &  C O S M E T I C S  M E D I C I N E  -  A N G I O L O G Y

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