"The study of being aware, the art of creating and divulging well-being"

""... the combination of medical knowledge, intuition and judgment defines the art of medicine, which is necessary for the practice of medicine as a solid scientific basis."

Harrison's Medical Book "Principles Of Internal Medicine"

"therefore medicine is art, and if it is art, it can not foresee for the one who is its first actor, simply to observe, judge and intervene only with dysfunction, but to go through the acceptance of man in his entirety and complexity, inserted in the nature in which he lives, in the air he breathes, in the mental processes that he performs on a daily basis: he must take him by the hand, being, not a single depository of science, but a simple propagator of millennial knowledge and experience in medical art, to start a process awareness of the state of health, an existing path but forgotten in the mind of us all. "

Dott. Luigi Brocchi

Passion, history and roots in the territory, or "a step backwards in simplicity"

Sineidos, in Greek means to be aware, hence the idea and the creation of a study group for the awareness of well-being, a dissemination and in-depth laboratory, which is expressed in a real Wellness Workshop from which ideas and ideas emerge. the guidelines, including the Fresh Km km Biocosmesi and selected SPA treatments and routes, in addition to the most innovative medical treatments.

Current project but simple and revolutionary, flexible and adaptable in every part of the world that has its roots, increasing its value, in the territory, in its natural raw materials, in its history. It draws on popular tradition and in phytotherapeutic, botanical, alchemical knowledge, in an ever less invasive way, and perhaps ... more ethical.

A journey to be initiated and carried out to achieve a process of awareness of the state of health, an existing path but forgotten in the mind of all of us, not an ephemeral improvement or a single emotion, but a wealth of experiences for a new form of psychophysical wellbeing and rediscovered the beauty of our image and soul.

Dott. Luigi Brocchi

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